0-Day Forecast – Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

It’s about two and a half hours till the green flag drops, and it is definitely raining just north of St. Pete.  It looks like there are hit-or-miss showers just working their way into the area, with definite rain to the north.  It looks like it will move its way into the area as the day goes on.  The rain is really unorganized, though, so it’s hard to assess how much rain will really fall, and what the exact time of the rain will be. 

I’ve got to jet, so this is pretty quickly thrown together.  I’ve got some plans conflicting with the race today, so I’ll be watching it on TiVo as soon as I get home.

Thus, the official iiMy forecast!

  • Approx. Scheduled Green Flag: 2:30 EDT
  • Temperature: 78°F
  • Dew Point: 72°F
  • Relative Humidity: 82%
  • Winds: South-southeasterly at 10 mph
  • Chance of Rain: 75%
  • Will we race? It’s a road course, so yes. At this point wet conditions look probable with a temporary stoppage due to heavy downpours a possibility.  Lightning is also a possibility, so be sure to seek shelter if lightning is present. 

One Response to “0-Day Forecast – Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg”

  1. Doug Says:

    Great race! Just enough rain to make things VERY interesting, but not enough to cause a stoppage. Perfect!