‘Stache-less in St. Petersburg

When I first listened to Graham Rahal on Curt Cavin’s radio show, I proclaimed him a significant part of the future of our sport. Well, the future is now. In a rainy, caution-filled, wet-dry, timed race, it was Newman/Haas/Lanigan driver Graham Rahal who had the best strategy to get to the checkered flag, as well as what appeared to be the fastest car in the end.

Yes, loyal readers, the Son of ‘Stache has won his first major open wheel race. He has won the first race among all transitioning drivers. He’s the youngest driver in series history. Finally, he’s the first driver since 2005 to win a race from a team not in the Big 3.

That said, it was only a matter of time before N/H/L was considered one of the major teams in the IndyCar Series. With Wilson’s dominance early and Rahal’s dominance in the end, it may be a little premature, but at least in terms of the road courses, that time is now.

There were many things of comment during the race. I was cheering for EJ, formerly Ernesto, Viso as he led ten-plus laps in the middle of the race. Ryan Briscoe looked like an moron complaining about a lap-down Jay Howard getting in the way when he smacked the wall. I’m glad Marty Reid at least pointed out to the audience that Briscoe was in fact BEHIND the Roth Racing car. There was a lot of flat-out HARD racing.

I know there are a lot of people who prefer the oval style to the road and street courses, but if you couldn’t enjoy that race, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

Finally, my initial reaction was to put do a little editing to this picture, but I can’t. This, my friends, is the future of American Open Wheel Racing, and the future is bright.


4 Responses to “‘Stache-less in St. Petersburg”

  1. metrta Says:

    Love the title. I figured you would be happy!

  2. Grizzlor Says:

    I really enjoyed this race as well. I don’t recall the last time so many drivers were leading, in position to win, blew it, etc. Maybe the Detroit GP years back when one driver after the other yet running out of gas, and Greg Moore wound up winning. Still not sure what happened to Justin Wilson, who faded and kept spinning. Dan Wheldon also proved to be a hapless road racer yet again, taking out Jay Howard, who had fought all the way back to the top 10, on the last lap when he cut him off.

  3. Meesh Says:

    Now THAT”S more like it 😉

    What an enjoyable event!

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