What Day Is It? Wednesday?

Well, today was a whirlwind day away from the office.  It’s nice being wanted.

Eddie Cheever was announced as an extra analyst for the month of May for ESPN and ABC.  Personally, I’ve always found Cheever fascinating.  That said, he is trying to fill some pretty large shoes.  Following in the footsteps of Open Wheel Legend Russell W. Wallace, who was once named The Most Brilliant Man on Earth or Mars or Any Other Planet You Can Name Except Pluto because Pluto is not a Planet.  Oh wait, Rusty Wallace was a moron, sucked, and had no knowledge of open wheel racing whatsoever.  Welcome Aboard, Eddie!

Also included in the last article is the return of Jamie Little, joining Welch, Pedigo, and Jackie-Boy Arute in pit lane.  Note 1: Bring back Gary Gerould.  Note 2: (and this may be the single most controversial statement I’ve made on this website) Brienne Pedigo gets a bad wrap. 

Also, Alex Lloyd will get a ride for Indy, finally.  He’ll run for Rahal Letterman Racing, but will get assistance from Target Chip Ganassi Racing.  The real question is how much TCGR knowledge will trickle down to Ryan Hunter-Reay.

The Long Beach field has jumped up by three spots, with Mario Dominguez joining Child Figge at PCM, Roberto Moreno running for HVM/Minardi, and Alex Tagliani getting a ride with Walker Racing of all people.  These are three good names to add to the race, for their longevity if nothing else.

Speaking of Long Beach, I got rejected for credentials for Friday.  I guess I’m low priority.

The league has a new agreement with Mac Tools.  Apparently, the person who leads the most laps in each series will get a bunch of tools, but I guess only teams who sport their logo will be eligible.  I don’t get it.

Former IPS race winner and NASCAR driver Aaron Fike used the hay-ron on race days.

The transcript from today’s media teleconference is up, which features Mike Hull of TCGR, Townsend Bell of D&R, and Indy Lights driver Marc Williams.

7 Responses to “What Day Is It? Wednesday?”

  1. Fred N Says:

    Brienne is really bad. I have to say that I am pretty forgiving on announcers and the likes. But, she is really, really bad.

  2. Chris B. Says:

    Well um, not too many comments on um, the Brienne (glance down at my cheat sheet) statement yet. Care to back up your, um justification for her “bad wrap”.

    I mean I understand if she, um warms your gravy and all, but I gave her all year (what pit stall am I in)last year AND one race this year. She is unprepared, unqualified, unable (who am I talking to? Dan Wheldon who is that?)to be anything more than a pretty face in a firesuit.

    Shall we get the Tivo out….

    Lastly, I really have not seen Brienne get singled out yet, ABC/ESPN had better get their shit together with these broadcasts. The two-bit 18 car dick-smack league is no more and I think people are realizing that there are few more fans than they realized.

    I mean Cart Cavin said on his blog that over 300 people have signed up for his show on iTunes and he and the producers sound surprised by that…..I mean no shit, we are starving for news, well crafted stories, CONTENT of any kind. If the knuckle-head owners could buckle down just one or two more american drivers with slick corporate sponsors I tell you the flood gates would open for our beloved series. Heck Foyt and Rahal dont even sport real sponsors yet…

    I have been onboard since 96, and very happy with the merge, but many reasons to be scared to death and excited….

    End of Manifesto

  3. Meesh Says:

    that sucks about the credentials. We we’re jumping through hoops last week to get our staff approved. (from the main site, not my blog LOL!) But the letter of approval dropped into the inbox this afternoon *whew* I can only imagine the surge of requests with this being the “finale”.

  4. Paul in Speedway Says:

    Gary Gerould!! He knows his racing for sure, but that same damn stupid question of ” what does this do to your championship hopes” or ” tell us just what this means to you” 10 minutes after some poor bastard just knocked down the wall!!! Hell, even Arute has picked up some that crap…Put Bobby Unser back in the booth to keep these clowns straight..I got tired of hearing Paul Page tell everybody who had dinner with last night, but hands down he was the best…Get rid of all the tits in the pits and stick in old broken Indy drivers…

  5. Meesh Says:

    “tits in the pits” LOL. As a woman working in motorsports I should be offended, but I sort of agree. At the very least find one that can DO THE JOB, not just look cute in nomex. The viewing audience are intelligent enough to know the difference between a legit pit reporter and demographic targeted eye-candy. Leave the latter to do the puff pieces, and send the others to the pits and victory circle.

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  7. dbinindy Says:

    Why is Scott Sharp not on TV?? He would be great in the pits or the booth!