A Day at the Speedway – Pole Day Qualifying


Well, I cannot really give you great insight into the inner workings of anything but my own mind. Even then, it probably wouldn’t make any sense. What I can give you is a rundown of my trip to the track.

Upon arriving at the Speedway, I jumped out of my cousin’s car at the intersection of 16th an Georgetown to enter the track’s administrative building. Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve ever been outside of the first turn of the track, let alone the administrative building. It was a very nice building, and I had my picture taken for my credentials and was on my way. My credentials consisted of access to the second floor of the media center. Basically, it’s similar to child sports. The A-team was on the fourth floor, and the B-team (featuring Getty Images, which I’d have to classify as A-team quality) got unassigned spaces on the second floor. I’m certainly not complaining, because it could easily be argued that I don’t even deserve that. I’m very grateful to the very kind people at the Speedway who gave me this access.

My credentials also included a Bronze Badge. In addition to being a memento I’ll keep for the rest of my life, it gave me access to the garage area. Retrospectively, I’d make an effort to get to the Speedway for a few days of practice, because most of the activity was taking place in the pits.

During much of the opening practice, I was in the media center formulating the forecast for the day. The televisions in the media center had the track feed, timing & scoring, and Speed. While I could have easily stayed in the media center and covered the action from the screens and my computer, that wasn’t where I belonged. I belonged in the stands…with O’Neal.


The Legend of O’Neal is monumental. O’Neal once wrestled a grizzly bear to the ground with his bare hands. O’Neal designed the first combustible engine, and it ran on tears. O’Neal once hit 80 home runs in a season in AAA baseball, but quit the game because he didn’t want to ruin it by being that good. O’Neal invented bread, both wheat and rye (but not white bread). My safety and the safety of everyone present at the Speedway was in his hands, and he chose to spare us.


In terms of news, the closest to an exclusive that I have is Roger Yasukawa was sitting outside the Beck garage talking to a guy who I didn’t recognize. I saw Jeff Simmons walking away from the Foyt garages, but didn’t have the camera out for that one.

Also of note on the trip to the track was the biggest debut of the year. Cousin Joe broke out the Custom Limited Edition #0001 of 0002 Son of ‘Stache T-Shirt.


The Custom Limited Edition #0002 or 0002 Son of ‘Stache T-Shirt is in my possession and will be dawned on Race Day. If only it were legal to profit off of someone else’s likeness. There could be an entire Son of ‘Stache clothing line. The word is that he has now learned of his status as the rightful heir to the ‘Stache.

Really, it was a trip to the happiest place on Earth. I covered it in brief for you all, and I have uploaded my gallery from the day. Some of the pictures could be better, and I could have thinned out a lot of the bad ones. That’s not my style, though. If anyone desires any images either full-sized, un-watermarked, or whatever, feel free to contact me (address on the About page located on the sidebar).

4 Responses to “A Day at the Speedway – Pole Day Qualifying”

  1. Uncle Ed Says:

    Great photos. Little Joey is looking good in that tee shirt.
    Have fun!

  2. Uncle Ed Says:

    Great photos! Little Joey looks good in that tee shirt.
    Have fun!!

  3. Tim Says:

    Sounds like you had a great day. I saw your cousin in the shirt walking through the crowd at some point… figured he was somehow connected to you.

  4. A fan in georgia Says:

    Since 1989 its been pretty hard to find Mullets in May at IMS. but plenty of Mullets are around at the Allspaz 400 in august.

    06 is that 108 ? 2006 ? 1906 ??

    Buckshot Rahal ! It’s time to grow a mustache !!