The Five Most Devastating Words in Motorsports

Thanks to Jeff at My Name is IRL, I found out the Son of ‘Stache was having an online chat this evening. In the chat, he typed the five most devastating words in motorsports:

I’ll never grow a mustache

Never say never, kid.

In other news, I broke the fifty page mark on my dissertation today.

Also, with Iowa coming up this weekend, the first forecast will be out tomorrow evening.  If it doesn’t show up, contact me and yell at me

8 Responses to “The Five Most Devastating Words in Motorsports”

  1. DZ Says:

    Awww man! Come on Graham, your dad was a stud racecar driver with one of the greatest porn staches of all time (albeit with thick-framed glasses). It’s in your genes, just as Marco sulks and whines like his predecessors (who must surely be horrible at poker). You’re missing an enormous marketing opportunity. You have a gift, a weapon, a chromosome for fortune and fame my friend and it is ‘the stache’. Use it and become king of the racing world.

  2. Kyle D Says:

    Never give up hope, everyone! First of all, I think he said hell never grow a mustache because I’m not sure he’s actually capable of it at this point. When Graham’s 35 years-old, a five-time Indy winner, and two-time Formula One Champion, you know that stache will be rollin’ full-blast.

    Also, congrats on hitting fifty pages on the dissertation from a fellow college student. I still haven’t made it to the ultra-massive papers yet, but I’ve had to churn out a couple of 20-pagers (one on racing in the sixties!).

  3. Michael miles Says:

    Yes Kyle D….He said he will never grow a stache and if you’re criteria is the basis of what needs to occur for him to grow one, he was correct. He will never grow one because none of those things you mentioned will occur :(.

  4. A fan in georgia Says:

    DZ why, are you hating on the Andrettis ? Did they pee in your coffee or something. If ya wanna hate someone hate Roger Penske, or the transition teams for hiring ride buyers that are F1 rejects !

    $5 says Graham Cracker Rahal finds the wall again. And when he does wreck he will blame another driver. This kid is overrated and is the new poster boy for CART/CCWS maniacs now that Paul Tracy is going back to NasTruck. What stupid number is 02 anyway, is that some sort of Dukes of Hazzard garbage ??

    Bobby Rahal much better attitude and much cooler with his mustache and glasses !

  5. DZ Says:

    Aww, A fan in Georgia, I’m just havin a poke. It’s all tongue-in-cheek anyway and I don’t hate the Andrettis. I actually think that Marco is having a very solid if not great Indycar career so far.

    Also, I’m just playing along with the owner of this blog since his original ‘stache post. That picture just kills me. Graham isn’t the poster boy for Indycar… yet. Not at least until he grows that awesome ‘stache that’s just waiting under the surface. I’m tellin’ ya, porn staches will be back in a few years, you watch…

  6. sundancekid Says:

    Hey fan in georgia,

    You shouldn’t hate on the new teams for having to resort to fielding drivers who can pony up cash to drive. The new teams from Champ Car got the raw end of the deal really when you think about. I read an article where Carl Haas says that he’s been bleeding money just to field two cars in the IRL this season and that it would be a smart move to field one car. So, don’t bitch about something that you don’t really know about. As for Graham Rahal being overrated, we’ll see. If he’s still crashing into walls next season, then you’d be right. But my money is on Graham. When he gets these ovals figured out, I think he’ll trounce the competition.

  7. sundancekid Says:

    I have to agree with DZ’s assesment of Bobby Rahal’s ‘stache. I also like all the photos and images I’ve seen on the web with Graham wearing a mustache. Very funny. But I think he looks kinda creepy with a mustache. I think he’s better off without one to be quite honest. Out of Bobby and Graham, I think Bobby can only really pull off a mustache.

  8. sundancekid Says:

    I have to agree with DZ’s assesment of Bobby Rahal’s ‘stache. I also like all the photos and images I’ve seen on the web with Graham wearing a mustache. Very funny.