Dixon wins at Nashville, but more importantly…

Contact has been made.

The race at Nashville was pretty typical for a Nashville race. Scott Dixon won, making it three straight. It rained for the second straight year, but we fortunately got an official race in (I really didn’t feel like having to drive back up for a second day again). I got soaked and my Burkenstocks took a beating. The race itself was ok, but you simply cannot pass on that oval. The concrete and narrow track simply doesn’t work. I always said if it was about 5 yards wider and had 6 degrees less banking, it’d be one of the best tracks on the circuit.

The race weekend, however, was significant not because of the race. It was because of the contacts made.


First, here’s a picture of Tony George (and some dude with a NASCAR shirt) being enlightened by me. Tony was pretty nice to a mid-20s kid marking out to him and shook my hand. I was sure to mention the website.


Second, here’s a great shot of me with the #06 car as it waited for tech. The shirt was the Son of ‘Stache shirt, and the crew members got a kick out of it. More importantly, however, was that Graham saw the shirt and briefly talked to me. Contact with the ‘Stachean Nightmare was an essential step towards getting the stache grown. I saw him initially in a minivan, and later saw him driving on a cart from the drivers meeting with a lady and Justin Wilson. Justin particularly liked the shirt. Contact has been made. The ‘stache will come with time.

Nashville puts on a great day for those in attendance. That said, the action is debatable at best and the promotion is weak. I can understand why it is somewhat expected to go, but it’s a shame. It’s my home track, at least geographically (I’d still call Indy home), and I always get closest to the action at it. That said, the crowd actually felt a little smaller, and while it outdraws the Busch and Truck races, it’s not the best open wheel track. If it loses IndyCars, I question how long it stays open.

Pictures will probably be up tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Dixon wins at Nashville, but more importantly…”

  1. RG Says:

    Awesome, glad you had a blast. This is probably my most favorite update…hilarious.

  2. Grizzlor Says:

    Excellent to hear you met Rahal! As a fellow blogger/podcaster, it’s always fun to meet the people you’re yapping about for months. The race on television was only marginally exciting due to the mystery and anticipation of when it would rain. The action on the track was embarrassing. Nobody could pass in the turns, and if you got cut off, you lost 3 or 4 spots. The design of the track and the concrete surface simply make it one groove. The Internet response was not positive. There also seemed to be a stir over the public address at the track telling fans to take cover from lightening, only to have the IRL restart the race for those last whatever laps, and many people missed it.

  3. Meesh Says:

    ok A) you are a cutie patootie!! (so young… *sigh*… you boys age me daily! LOL!)

    B) yay you’re back! Seem’s you all took a little updating sabbatical for a bit… my blog feeds were sadly dormant.

    C) Glad you got to meet Graham! He’s an awesome guy isn’t he? Got to catch up with him myself at The Glen.

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  5. Binhack Says:

    I need one of those ‘son of stache’ shirts.

  6. mikebdot Says:

    How about that one time when the Nashville track told everyone to leave and then they had more race anyway! Great venue! Race control blew the finish to that race. Kanaan definitely should have won.