Milka Faces the Wrath of Dark Helmet

Well, the story of the day seems to be Danica’s behavior at Mid-Ohio.  Meesh has a rundown (from The Pit Lane), and she rails into Danica.  Personally, I a) wish they would have shown something during qualifying and b) hope they show something tomorrow.  This *HAD* to get on tape.  Cavin has a rundown, as well, which doesn’t contain spittle. 

I hate the modern world of keeping people calm and respectful.  I want an on-track incident tomorrow and a full blown cat fight in front of national television (and preferably after the inevitable delay we will experience tomorrow with The Open Championship…Go Shark!).  I don’t particularly care who wins, but as the old saying goes, "any publicity is good publicity".  People may hate Danica’s attitude and confrontations, but they draw attention.

4 Responses to “Milka Faces the Wrath of Dark Helmet”

  1. Meesh Says:

    LOL! Rails indeed. (you say that like it’s a bad thing… 😉 )

    According to Cavin, there is a tape. Will they show it? Of course they will (as long as it doesn’t show Danica in too bad a light, figuratively and literally) Danica will be irrelevant tomorrow otherwise starting from 20th. (that of course won’t stop them from mentioning her and showing her on camera every 5 mins … but I digress)

    As I said over in my neck of the woods, I don’t agree with the “any publicity is good publicity” way of thinking. I think it only encourages bad behavior and imitators, and serves to degrade and embarrass those that are professional and are part of the sport because they actually have talent and wish to excel on track, while rewarding those who have to rely on gimmicks, and controversy and endorsements. (I’ll refrain from further comment here in this vein of thought… hehe)

    You coming out to any more races this year? I’ll buy you a beer if you’re in Edmonton or Detroit!

  2. DZ Says:

    I’ve watched the ABC TV replays of the practice incidents and also, of course, the confrontation in the pits between the two. I have to side with Danica as to the on-track incidents, but it also appears that there is no specific procedure in place to address conflicts related to the on-track competition. If there is one, I’m guessing it wasn’t followed? If not, I can’t imagine how a process and policy to address on-track conflicts wouldn’t be beneficial.

    I believe any policy should include serious and clear cut rules, including the restriction of any driver going to any other driver’s pit area (practice, race or whatever), and fair penalites for violation of those rules.

    If, for no other reason, the process should be such that the very time it takes to ‘submit a grievance’ (or whatever you’d call it) takes enough time that people may be cooled off before ‘discussing the issue’ rather than working from sheer emotion or heat of the moment.

    From what I’ve seen I think that Milka and Danica both could’ve used far better (and far worse) judgement in the exchange, but Danica would’ve been far better served to have not rushed down there in the heat of anger. I blame Danica for this but also, her team owner (ahem, Michael) needs to not allow this crap. Indy’s pit march was truly a safety issue if not outright stupidity, but these actions cannot be allowed to go on by anyone if this league is going to flourish in the near future.

    I’m all for the right of the individual and their personality, etc. and not having cookie-cutter, robo-bland drivers to watch, but something must be said for fairplay and conducting business as an adult.

    Young drivers (Danica) take note – patience and impulse control has been a hallmark of the truly great IndyCar drivers.

  3. jay Says:

    2 men in racing suits fight – no biggie because NASCAR wore that publicity stunt out.

    2 women in racing suits fight – it’s news! The Indycar Series should do nothing and let the press run with it.

  4. uncle robbie Says:

    I must admit that the cat fight turned me on a little…let’s hope we see more