Let’s See…The Race Barely Draws Flies…

So let’s make Homestead the season finale!

In a move that makes little sense to me, Cavin is reporting that Homestead will be the finale for the 2009 season. The schedule, which will be announced tomorrow on IndyCar.com, has also had Richmond confirmed, and my “home” race, Nashville, is dead. How Homestead goes from being on the bubble to being the finale is beyond me. It puts on a good race, but no one shows up. Looks like the SMI bundle (adding Las Vegas and Loudon, NH) isn’t going to happen. Basically, expect this year’s schedule with some dates reworked and Toronto instead of Nashville.

Thanks to Chris over at Indy Racing Revolution for finding the Cavin article.

Update: Yup, no Loudon or Vegas.

Update2:  The League wanted to use the Vegas ROAD COURSE!?  Seriously, I think something is breaking inside the head of IndyCar Officials…

4 Responses to “Let’s See…The Race Barely Draws Flies…”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Man, this sucks. This year’s schedule was decent, but adding Toronto doesn’t suddenly make it a first-class schedule. The decision to lobby for the Vegas ROAD course is ridiculous, as I think a finale in Vegas would have been superb. Heck, opening in Vegas would have been superb; better than the boring street course in St. Pete that features little passing. I guess I got my hopes up for nothing.

  2. Grizlor Says:


    Reaction from New Hampshire folks. Basically the IRL gave the reason as our limit is 18 races. I honestly think Gossage made up that parking lot road course comment. I hope he did, because that is most idiotic thing I’ve heard since the Champ Car Philadelphia street race. The problem I have is if cost is an issue, why are they wasting money going to Motegi (I hate that track) and Australia? Dump those two, pick up Vegas (oval), New Hampshire, and Road America or Cleveland while you’re at it! FOOLS!

  3. Kyle D Says:

    Wow…just wow. Tony George and co. are sitting on the single greatest opportunity of their professional careers and they have apparently blown it entirely. How on earth could you ditch Nashville for Toronto, then not try to get two of the best ovals in the country (at least for indy racing), all while extending the schedule by a month? There are four extra weeks in there somewhere that aren’t being used at all, but they’re not adding any races at all? Can’t wait to hear Darth Miller’s opinion on this one…

  4. Joe Says:

    Miami used to draw, maybe it was too close to Nascar. Why LVMS’s road course, just race downtwon like the Champ Cars did, pretty good show, needed some tweaking.