Surfers Paradise is Dead. Long Live Surfers Paradise.

TSO confirmed it, and The Brisbane Times announced it.  Surfers Paradise will not return next year.  I’ve been a large supporter of the race, as I consider it the best street circuit in the world.  That said, the costs of a race in Australia cannot be denied. It doesn’t necessarily fit into the game plan of the IndyCar Series.  Craig Gore is probably gone, but I hope he pays off his bills before he goes.  Hopefully, if he wants to stay, Will Power can find a ride.  I hope this doesn’t kill KVRT.

This story requires a lot of hope.

Finally, though I’d have to say it is unlikely, another race could be added to the slots looked at between Motegi and Homestead.  If you ask me, it’d be a good idea, as it strengthens the chances of a champion being crowned on US (or North American) soil. So what are options?  Barber in Birmingham comes to my mind.  Las Vegas is an option (but not on the stupid club circuit).  I think Grand Am runs VIR in this timeframe.  Finally, the obligatory Road America reference.    

One Response to “Surfers Paradise is Dead. Long Live Surfers Paradise.”

  1. Steve Says:

    Why the reference to ‘obligatary’ Road America? It is one, if not the best, road tracks in North America (maybe the world). It should be considered at highest priority. Interestingly, the SCCA has seen the light commiting the next three ’09 ’10 ’11 SCCA Runoff’s at Road America! The ALMS folks love the track. As they say, its the only track were both the driver AND THE CAR are tested in every race. Lets hear it for Elkhart Lake, WI!