Paul Page In Your Face!

page-krystal.jpgThis thread over at CCF has a great email from Paul Page explaining the origins of the Delta Force openings. While opinions may vary, there’s no doubt that Paul is certainly a significant figure in the history of IndyCar Racing. He followed the legendary Sid Collins in the radio booth, and was the voice of the 500 for more than a decade. Page comments further on his own website over at He’s putting a book out, and he commented, in an e-mail to me, that spec cars turn him off.

One Response to “Paul Page In Your Face!”

  1. NHIndyFan Says:

    Awesome! Not a 500 goes by when I don’t yearn for another Delta Force intro. The new age, “poplular voice of the past year intros” have had promise, but they just don’t stack up to the 88-96 intros. I never knew Paul and a single producer were the brains behind each of those intros. They were so well done. Kodos to Paul …