Ethanol Out, but Ethanol is In

The American ethanol industry is apparently getting killed by the economic downturn.  Well, the Brazilian ethanol industry has swooped in to fill the void left, keeping ethanol as the official fuel of the IndyCar Series.  Chris over at Indy Racing Revolution, who gives credit to Joel at IRL-O-Rama, has more.  I, however, have the exclusive on next year’s green flag to start each race. 

There’s a whole debate to be had over corn gas, sugarcane gas, etc.  I’m not going to get into it.  I am, though, reminded of a point, though I cannot for the life of me remember who pointed it out:  ethanol is a far more pleasant substance than methanol.  Not only does it make your trip to the race smell like a distillery, it also is far less caustic, making cleanup easier and exposure less dangerous.

4 Responses to “Ethanol Out, but Ethanol is In”

  1. Sean Says:

    Hopefully they can sponsor Servia…

  2. Augie Says:

    Why would they sponsor Servia?

    He is Catalonian (Spain), not Brazilian.

  3. Sean Says:

    Duh. How did I forget that? We all made dumb mistakes.

    Okay, change that to Junqueira…

  4. Fred Says:

    Appearing below is a quote from the website news article (

    “The multi-year deal includes cooperation from UNICA (the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association) to identify those interested in supplying ethanol to the series. Initially, UNICA will look to partner with a U.S.-based ethanol company to supply the IndyCar Series with corn-based ethanol.”