Quick Helio Update

David the Attorney has officially entered the trial, but on a temporary basis.  He has a trial that conflicts with Helio’s current court date, and requested that the other trial be moved.  That request was denied, though, as the defendant in the other case has a) had her trial delayed twice and b) has not waived her right to a speedy trial.  David the Attorney has motioned to address the court on the topic of the current start date.  That said, I don’t think any delay at this point will be September or onward. 

In fact, the rumor is currently that Roger has made his decision to move onward.

Here’s the slightly updated playsheet.

2 Responses to “Quick Helio Update”

  1. My Name Is IRL Says:

    That’s a ridiculous and totally unfounded rumor. You can’t believe what those BLOGS say, can you?

  2. llilly Says:

    Should we write to President Bush for a pardon for Helio before he leaves office?