Papa Honda Gives F1 the Same Treatment F1 Gave North America

As reported widely across the internet, Honda will announce tomorrow that it is pulling out of Formula 1.  Honda has scored one win since completely assimilating the BAR team, with Jenson Button’s improbable win at Hungary in 2006.  In fact, in 2004, they were clearly the second best team on the grid.  Since ’04, outside of Button’s one win, they’ve been pretty sad.

As for how this will affect the IndyCar Series’ sole engine supplier, it is unknown.  That said, if you believe this TF thread, their IndyCar operation has been assured that things are forward as usual.  Personally, I don’t put much stock into message board posters, so stay tuned.  That said, the cost of IndyCar is certainly a fraction of that of Formula 1, probably on the order of tens of millions versus hundreds of millions.

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