Can I Get a Witness?

free-helio-forweb.jpgA little Marvin Gaye for you.  A double-shock on the Helio for you.  Fred just had a huge batch of information come across the wire.  A quick glance gives this update.  Here are some noteworthy witnesses declared:

  • Kevin Savoree – Part-owner of Andretti-Green Racing.  USA/HK/AM
  • Peter Yanowitch – Attorney who also promoted the 2002 & 2003 CART events on the Streets of Miami.  USA
  • Guido Chipy – He’s a banker.  I just think he has a funny name.  USA
  • Larry Albus – Former VP of Hogan Racing.  HK
  • Andy Borme – Former engineer for Scott Sharp at Kelley Racing, and also a part of Helio’s two 500 wins.  HK
  • Mark Buoniconti – Former college football player paralyzed in 1985 while playing for the Citadel. HK
  • Gil de Ferran – Y’all know Gil.  HK
  • Steve Horne – Former big wig at CART…owned Tasman. HK
  • Bruno JunquieraHK
  • Tony KanaanHK
  • Juan Pablo Montoya – Y’all know JPM HK
  • Dr. Steve Olvey – Former medical director of CART HK
  • Adrian Fernandez – Former CART/IRL driver and team owner  AM
  • Jimmie Johnson – Dude from NASCAR.  AM
  • Jack Kemp – Former football player, US Representative, and Vice Presidential candidate.  AM
  • Ric Moore – Father of the late, great Greg Moore.  For those who don’t know (five people, tops, I’m guessing), Helio got the ride at Penske after Greg’s untimely death at Fontana.  He was the man.  AM
  • Roger Penske – The man.  AM


  • USA – Declared by the prosecutor
  • HK – Declared by Helio & Katy’s Defense
  • AM – Declared by Alan Miller’s Defense

2 Responses to “Can I Get a Witness?”

  1. llilly Says:

    Any idea what would be the best way to follow the trial on Monday?

  2. Fred Says:

    The trial, expected to last four to six weeks, is scheduled to run from 8AM to 1PM, EST, each weekday, Monday through Friday.

    There are no broadcast cameras in the courtroom. However, updates will most likely appear on the following websites: