Around the IndyCar Blogosphere in 30 Days

Times have been pretty hectic here, but after being called out by Jeff of My Name is IRL, I feel compelled to update.  Hey, when you’re called out by the man, you’ve got to answer.

On the Helio front, Jeff has done a fantastic job assembling all sorts of stories on the trial.  Honestly, I feel I’ve done as much as I can in giving details (thanks primarily to the great Fred the Commenter), providing fine details from court dockets that I found interesting. At this point, you’re far better served by the real journalists and not a word butcher like me.  Also, Jeff borrowed what I feel is a completely underrated bit of is it May yet? artwork.

Kohl over at Planet IRL has put up what I consider an awesome IndyCar Series promo that will be debuting tomorrow during the Danica Love Fest.  If that doesn’t work, it’s also up on YouTube, and a special thanks should be given to Arni, who disseminated a good quality edition of the video to the Masters of the Blogoverse. Anyway, the promo is incredible.  To be honest, I think something needs to be made of the fact that the promo isn’t Gene Simmons’ I am Indy.  I’ve felt, fairly strongly, that the key to growth in the IndyCar Series is getting it out to those who are my age and in my demographic.  This song, I feel, does that far better than the Kiss Nightmare, even if the song is actually from Aussie-Punk band Radio Birdman’s 1977 album Radios Appear, which predates me by nearly a handful of years.

Chris over at Indy Racing Revolution tells us that leading the most laps in a race is only worth two points, and the third point will be assigned to the pole sitter.  I’ve got mixed emotions on this, because being on pole is enough of an advantage.  That said, maybe it gives some credence to Versus’ qualifying & preview show that will occur the day before the races. 

The Dog is doing what he does best, loving himself some Sarah Fisher and writing a lovely piece on the trials and tribulations of Danica.

James at 16th and Georgetown has uncovered an interview with Bob Doornbos in Dutch.  Twenty seconds in, I’m pretty sure that Bob says he most looks forward to clam bakes in America.  Personally, I’d think it’d be running the Indianapolis 500 for the first time, becoming, I believe, the third person to run Turn 1 the right way and the wrong way, along with Juan Pablo and Justin Wilson. 

Well, strike that, Graham and (I think) Marco both did it in Formula BMW as support for F1.

Matt at The Other Side makes his argument for Montreal.  I’d say jump on it ASAP, because it’s an amazing course.

I’m sure I’ve not mentioned other blogs (like Tomaso at No Fenders, Joe at IndyTrackside, The Defender of the IRL, Joel at IRL-O-Rama, and of course Meesh), but I actually have a point in this post, beyond just rehashing others work with some minor commentary.  The Masters of the IndyCar Blogoverse, also known as word butchers, have grown in numbers, like rats.  Poor Jeff Olson is going to have quite the extermination bill (not to mention a large amount of blood on his hands) to have us exterminated. I like to think (and yes, hope) that this is a sign not of the maturation of a new medium, but of the increased health of the series.  We do these blogs because we care.

4 Responses to “Around the IndyCar Blogosphere in 30 Days”

  1. Anon Says:

    Marco ran the wrong way in the Infinity Pro Series in an F1 support race.

  2. Kohl Says:

    That picture is simply breathtaking, a masterpiece.

  3. Roy Hobbson Says:

    You are the Jedi Master of Photoshop. I have much to learn from you.

    /bows humbly

  4. andy Says:

    Villeneuve and Tomas Enge have also done both the Indy 500 and US GP at Indianapolis.