It Only Happens Once a Year

There’s this thing.  It’s a baffling thing.  You’re really caught off by its, well, absolute nature.  It defies all laws of Newtonian physics.  Its asymmetry cannot be comprehended by the mere human mind, but without it, this thing would never work.  Its color extends beyond the scope of the human eye, into the infrared and ultraviolet simultaneously.  It comes out many times in a year, but it metamorphosizes once a year. A simple picture molts into something far more significant and powerful…Behold, the Rahal Mustache.

5 Responses to “It Only Happens Once a Year”

  1. Speedy Says:


  2. Augie Says:

    That is awesome.

    T-shirts or stickers are a must!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t even know what Graham looks like without a moustache

  4. DZ Says:

    Oh, for some wire-rimmed glasses and a flat-billed cap…

  5. margot Says:

    I love the elder Rahal. He’s on my top three list of favorite drivers but please… I wouldn’t wish the wire rimmed glasses even on my worst enemy. The mustache is amazing so just leave it at that!!!