And the Drive Shafts of the World Cry

Curt Cavin just tw…(keep it PG, Will, keep it PG, Will, keep it PG, Will) announced via Twitter that Tomas Scheckter is close to a deal and could know as early as tomorr ow.  He expects to see Tomas at St. Pete.  While no team was announced, it is thought to most likely, though not certainly, be Dreyer and Reinbold, as they have been preparing a second car.  Other options would be Coyne, Conquest, KV, and 3G (and heck, probably others).

Tomas is pretty much awesome, as shown by the moveI hope he is sponsored by White Castles.

2 Responses to “And the Drive Shafts of the World Cry”

  1. Fred Says:

    Great post of the two Scheckter videos from his days at Panther!

    My first experience, very similar to Scheckter’s, was at the White Castle on Crawfordsville Road one morning just after dawn a few hours before the running of that day’s 500. I took one nibble, spit the bite out onto a napkin, and threw everything but the soda into the trash can. The soda was urgently needed to try to wash the taste out of my mouth!

  2. Will Says:

    Heh, when I last drove to Alabama, which was about two weeks after Christmas, I stopped by the WC Lounge and grabbed ten cast’els, nibbling on them for the whole drive. It was glorious.

    We used to also stop at the 500 before the race, but that tradition has fallen away.