Oh by the way, it was Petty/Andretti

Well, the big cab announcement was a John Andretti/Richard Petty Motorsports deal with a car prepared by Dreyer and Reinbold.  Since it had been widely reported that John Andretti was going to bring sponsor Window World to the 500 already, this is not a plus-one.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  Do not expect the team figurehead to stick around past halfway.  It’d be a lot cooler if it were the #20 STP Wildcat, and Johncock was the owner.

Update:  Mike King is still talking about another NASCAR team coming over, and just confirmed it is Robby Gordon, potentially in conjunction with Richard Childress.

One Response to “Oh by the way, it was Petty/Andretti”

  1. H. B. Donnelly Says:

    What’s too bad is that it won’t be a Wildcat chassis. If they HAVE to have a spec series, then just rebuild the old Eagles, Wildcats or Chaparrals. I like the Petty Blue/Day-glo Red, though…car should look sharp at the 500.