The 93rd Running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race – Entry List Updated

One additional entry and two further have been announced came across today.  Milka was named in the #23 Dreyer and Reinbold entry.  The Nelson Philippe/HVM entry was added to the list with #31.  What’s of note is that the #31 came from the #13T.  In other words, both Nelson and EJ are without a backup car.  Finally, the #91 Hemelgarn entry was filled, as expected, by Buddy Lazier, adding another former winner to the entry list.  I consider Buddy’s attempt last year one of the highlights of the Month of May.  It was probably one of the single-most emotional qualifying attempts I’ve ever seen.  The sad thing, though, is that it appears as though there will be a more full field this year.  He got every ounce out of it last year, but I don’t know if that old Hemelgarn car will have anything left in it.

In other words, Buddy may be on the hot seat.

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