Rumoring – Gil de Ferran is here

Gil de Ferran is here, and according to Mike, so is Takuma Sato.  I also saw a few members of de Ferran Motorsports

Let the rumors fly!  Here’s a completely unsubstantiated one.  Marty Roth has some equipment for sale.

2 Responses to “Rumoring – Gil de Ferran is here”

  1. mike Says:

    Nice scoop!

    TSO and everybody else said that there seems to be something fishy about Roth. It looks like Roth brought his equipment to the track to see if he could find a buyer.

    De Ferran and Sato would be one heck of a combo.

  2. Perkins Says:

    Marty Roth is officially not running in the 500 but he is selling his cars and equipment. DeFaran is there and so is Takumo Sato and there is a sponsorship announcement set to be announced at the track on Saturday. Curt Cavin has reported that whoever buys Roths equipment may not enter a race until after may.