Robin Miller Starts More Trouble

Ol’ Robin comes through on The SPEED Report with something that, if nothing else, further strengthens the de Ferran to the ICS rumors.  He says that ol’ Gil is talking to Scott Dixon about joining the program, and Ganassi is talking to Justin Wilson about being his replacement.  You think he’s making it up?

"Yeah that’s what they said all week about that Tony George story, too.  I’m not making it up." – Robin Miller

10 Responses to “Robin Miller Starts More Trouble”

  1. Clydester Says:

    Unless Gil is throwing Formula 1 cash at Dixon, why would he leave Ganassi?

  2. Matt Chamois Says:

    Probably because de Ferran Motorsports would have all the pieces needed to win, from aero bits to man power. Honda would definately hook them up big time.

  3. riccy Says:

    wilson is most worst driver in ovals lol

  4. DZ Says:

    Robin Miller is to ‘Journalist’ as ‘Butcher’ is to ‘Surgeon’.

  5. Ralph Says:

    What a concept; a new Indy Car team. That increases car count.

  6. Krystin Says:

    I just found your blog–very interesting! As for Robin reporting on Dixon going to De Ferran, I don’t know if it’s true but I hope so. That would be a great combo for sure. Plus it would make for a big change at a top team which is always interesting, except Wilson would not be the first driver that would come to my mind. Also, your banner/logo at the top of your blog is awesome!

  7. Greg Says:

    Robin is so much better than the “press secretary” Curt Cavin.

  8. Sean Says:

    Riccy, pretty much all oval races these days are decided by car. Penske, Ganassi, and AGR run up front at those places almost exclusively. It does seem N/H/L (at least Rahal) and KV (Moraes) are making inroads at making it the big five on ovals but they haven’t yet.

    Wilson ran laps down all last year because N/H/L had a learning curve with the Dallara-Honda equipment, but he had some good runs on ovals late in the season. Really only Servia was probably better than , and again the cars were better as I think KV was stronger generally. Coyne can compete on road and street courses where talent matters more than raw dollars, but they still have a way to go on the ovals.

    I think the top Champ Car drivers were on par with the top IndyCar drivers; it’s just that they started in much weaker equipment that people think they suck on ovals. I think Wilson would be right up to speed on ovals in a Ganassi car. Recall that everybody thought Ryan Briscoe was good on road/street courses only in 2005? Now look. The difference? Briscoe has a top-notch Penske team while he raced for Ganassi in their worst season.

  9. Sean Says:


    Really only Servia was probably better than [Wilson on ovals], …

  10. The Speedgeek Says:

    Oh, come on, Sean. We all know that J-Dub is “most worst driver in ovals”. You protest too much. On the other hand, I’m very excited to see that Borat is now a reader/commenter on the IndyCar blogs. Jak sie masz!