Let Them Eat Cake

Well, the George Sisters (plus one lawyer) have ruled, and Tony George is out as head of Hulman & Company, the master company of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, LLC, the Indy Racing League, LLC, and the Clabber Girl Corporation.

I think a lot of people in the IndyCar Internet Community owes ol’ Robin Miller an apology.

Turns out, Robin Miller was right.  Except people are *still* arguing that Robin Miller was wrong in the first ten posts I read on an IndyCar forum.  That’s why I read forums less and less these days.

The real question at this point is what changes?  Well, as this Robin Miller article rhetorically asks,

At least one of the sisters supposedly wants IMS out of the racing series business and wants to return to the ‘80s and early ‘90s when a series like CART controlled the racing except for May, when it competed at Indianapolis. And that’s certainly not an unreasonable thought, butt for figuring out who else would be willing to step up and either buy or finance IndyCar, given its current balance sheet?

That sister is S.O.L., unless you want to give Memorial Day to the cabs.  That would destroy my everything.

8 Responses to “Let Them Eat Cake”

  1. redd carr Says:

    Not really surprised about the IMS deal, but I’m actually sorta shocked that George is not going to be in charge of the IRS/IRL. Who the heck is running the show now?

    I’ve never believed the doom and gloom guys, but without someone with a passion and vested interest in the IRL to run it, I gotta bad feeling about this.

  2. IndyCar Series News and Views - BashUp Says:

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  3. Moose Says:

    Robin wasn’t “right.” He wasn’t guessing or predicting anything. He was reporting something that was leaked to him. Either his source was accurate, or not, to one degree or another. It did not turn out precisely as he reported it; something that bloggers who feel a clique-ish desire to kiss his ass seem to ignore.

    His source was actually inaccurate. In the end TG, according to his mother, didn’t want to accept the task being forced upon him and he resigned. Miller reported that he was voted out. That would be “wrong,” for those of you who bizarrely determined to shove your noses up his butt.

  4. Nat Krieger Says:

    Right now I’m willing to take a wait and see attitude..perhaps a new direction and vision may be best for the league BUT..if the George sisters get their wish and the 500 does evenentually morph into a nascar race I’m done…memorial day weekend will become about BBQ’s at home rather than a trip to Indy to see the 500

  5. SkipinSC Says:

    The sisters obviously have never had the vision that Tony and his grandfather shared. They are more concerned about their financial legacy instead of being concerned about the property that they own and the franchise known as the Indianapolis 500.

    Funny this reaction would come this year when the Indianaplois 500 will EASILY outdraw the Brickyard 400 after the Goodyear debacle from last year.

    One thing is certain: When the bean counters take over the fans (usually) get screwed. First thought? Look for prices to increase for tickets, beverages, food, and anything having to do with the Speedway. That’s a usual reaction when said bean counters take over: Try and recoup as much of the losses as you can as fast as you can.

  6. Steve Says:

    I am of the opinion that this might be a blessing in disguise. TG himself has said repeatedly that he wasn’t interested in running the daily operation. TG also bears a bit of an, ahem, taint, regarding the split, with some folks who say they love open wheel racing claiming that they won’t give the series their support until he’s gone. This may be a chance for the IRL to start anew and begin to bring the sport into the 21st century.

  7. DZ Says:

    My understanding is this:
    1. He is no longer the CEO and President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corp.
    2. He is no longer the CEO and President of Hulman and Co.
    3. He remains on the Boards of Directors of these companies.
    4. He is still CEO of the Indy Racing League.

    It would seem that his role has been diminished somewhat, but I can’t imagine his influence on the decision-making will have changed much to be honest. It appears that the various boards in essence said ‘you can’t do it all, pick one to run and we’ll fill in the other spots’.

    Only time will tell if this is a prudent move but I’m of the opinion that the changes will see the most effect at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and my concern is that it will be noticeably negative. I hope I’m wrong.

  8. Anon Says:

    The thought of the sisters having a MAJOR say in ANYTHING scares the living Hell out of me. Those three combined are about as sharp as a bag of hammers in my opinion, but a hundred times as dangerous.

    Now, of all times, we need someone in charge who has some passion for the sport. The sisters want to protect their finances, and who can blame them, but I seriously question their long-term commitment to the entity that made most of that finacial security possible in the first place.

    I hope I’m wrong about them. I really do. This scares me to death though. I have two sons who are just getting to the age where they can go to the track with me. I would love to teach them about open-wheel racing, particularly its history, the way my dad did when I was their age. It worries me that they might not have those same experiences because a bunch of grandkids don’t share their Mr. Hulman’s passion.