It’s Got Nothing to do with Racing, but Everything to do with This

OK, maybe it does have something to do with racing.  I wasn’t expecting to go back and listen to last night’s Trackside, but for whatever reason, I ended up pulling it up.  If you’re an avid reader of this site, you probably know enough about the Series to have come to realize the differences between Robin Miller and Curt Cavin.  There’s a reason why they’ve got their own permanently associated photoshopped pictures on this site: they really represent a dichotomy of the real journalists in the IndyCar world.  The portrayal of Curt Cavin as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Robin Miller as The Emperor basically stems from personality.  Cavin is typically more calm and politically correct, while Miller is more excited and willing to be politically incorrect.  Each, however, are badasses in their own right.

Last night on Trackside (mp3),  Cavin, along with Kevin Lee, spent a lot of time dissecting the differences between various forms of media, but they also focused on the specifics of the Cavin/Miller dichotomy, both past and present.  It was completely fascinating and a touch personal.  I don’t know that I’ve ever written a post saying “go back and listen to it,” but I strongly recommend it if you follow this stuff closely enough to know who they are, particularly if you’ve formed opinions in any direction on either of them.  There’s a lot to take in from it.

Also, Scott Dixon claimed that Jimmy Johnson’s wallet was a shizzton bigger than his…with a z.

5 Responses to “It’s Got Nothing to do with Racing, but Everything to do with This”

  1. Steve K Says:

    Been reading Cavin for a year and a half, stopped reading Miller shortly after I started but still occasionally see him on the Speed Report and Wind Tunnel. He is a Loon. Always talks about the old days, seems to hate foreigners, and makes bold opinionated statements with nothing to back them up. Why does he have a job and was he ever a real journalist?

    I guess the fact that I have a paragraph on Miller and a sentence on Cavin must mean something.

  2. Ralph Says:

    RM breaks open wheel stories and says what others won’t. Young Jimmy Olsen uses the word I too much in his semi-daily blog.

  3. DZ Says:

    Cavin is a professional and dedicated journalist.

    Miller is an egoistic writer more concerned with ’scooping’ everyone else even if the facts may not be substantiated or based on conjecture from his old buddy ‘TIUS’ – The Infamous Unnamed Source.

    I prefer my journalism to be of the professional and reliable type. Rumor is great if you are into daily drama. Facts are great when you want the facts.

  4. Richard Says:

    Don’t forget that Miller was being paid by CART during the split when he was also working for the Indianapolis Star. I laugh whenever he questions someone else’s integrity.

    And yes, I am a former employee of the Star.

  5. sciguy Says:

    Man I love Robin Miller. I don’t always agree with him-at all-but he says it. He makes things interesting and he has broken nearly every big story. From my recollection, most of Robin’s TIUS have provided what became fact. Anyhow, I like the rumors too. I am just a big fan, not into the industry, so it’s great to hear what’s being whispered by those in the know.