They’re Letting the Freaks on the Radio

Curtis Cavin and Kevin Lee are letting the freak show loose on the airwaves this week, as myself and my fellow bloggers are going to be allowed airtime on Trackside over at 1070 The Fan.  I guess we’re going to be allowed to bring up whatever topic of conversation we’d like in our little few minutes.  Here’s what’s going through my head:

  • The Joy of Lawn Care
  • Mustaches and Their Importance in Auto Racing
  • How I Don’t Live in My Parents’ Basement:  A Lesson on how to Balance being both a Blogger and an Acceptable Member of Society
  • Why the Success of the Series has Nothing to do with the Chassis or Engine and Everything to do with Beer
  • The IZOD IndyCar Series: Now Even I Pop My Collar
  • My Beautiful Hair and It’s Role in My Awesomeness
  • Sandy Andretti’s Hats, a Retrospective from Afar

Tune in tomorrow, Thursday, November 12, from 7-9 PM EST either over the airwaves of via the internet stream to witness the catastrophe first hand.

4 Responses to “They’re Letting the Freaks on the Radio”

  1. George Phillips Says:

    The inmates are running the asylum. Follow me! Follow me to freedom!

  2. pressdog Says:

    Beer is always the key to success.

  3. Paul Dalbey Says:

    Good work last night. Like p’dog said, beer is always a good way to get people together!

  4. evasive Says:

    Beer. Both the cause, AND the solution to all of life’s problems (H. Simpson).

    Your suggestion as to how to increase fan awareness of the IndyCar series was both the best AND most disturbing solution I have heard in years. Bravo!