Launches New Blog, Hurts Innocent Bystanders

Because I hardly remember to visit all of the different IndyCar-related websites that exist already, has decided to add another by launching it’s own official blog. They’re even making poor Dave Lewandowski write for it, because lord knows he doesn’t have to write enough for the league. You also get to hear a Krisloff declare that online streaming and timing and scoring is fixed forever and ever amen.

The unseen victims in this are the non-official bloggers.

Roy Hobbson has been demoted from under-the-table semi-unofficial blogger to mostly-unofficial blogger.

Pressdog has been demoted from President to President pro tempore.

Jeffy, well, he’s pretty much thinking of following NASCAR full-time because that’s Phoenix is such a hot bed for American Open-Wheeled talent.

I think I’ve gone some from somewhere around the figurative role of an Indiana state representative to the Mayor of Valparaiso, IN, which is pretty much my biggest nightmare in life.

Estrada has that fox gig, so he’s resilient to these things.

Planet IRL goes from convenient store to, uhh, well, whatever is lower than a convenient store…perhaps a convenient store with a magazine rack behind the counter and that sells looseys?

And so on and so forth…

To quote a wise man, “If I wanted to read, I’d go to school.”

10 Responses to “ Launches New Blog, Hurts Innocent Bystanders”

  1. Oilpressure Says:

    The rest of us were never listed, so we’re now just kicked to the curb.

  2. BP Says:

    Wait a minute, the Lizod blog is no more!???! Damn you,

  3. Meeshbeer Says:

    what Oilpressure said… *shrug*

  4. nickh360 Says:

    Other than the Silent Pagoda, I will refuse to read any blog offered by the Series. I want to read intelligent, independent thoughts from all of the various bloggers out there. I don’t want to read a blog of news that IndyCar WANTS me to know about.

    If I wanted to get the Democrats talking points, I’d only watch MSNBC. If I wanted to be brainwashed by Republicans, I’d only watch Fox News.

    No thank you IndyCar. I’ll keep reading the independents.

  5. Jarrod Says:

    Is it May Yet?…

    Thanks for the comment. Don’t worry, your blog and the rest of the faithful IndyCar Blog supporters will not die. will never be a replacement for candid, honest feedback from enthusiastic fans. Much like traditional media, your blogs provide a certain level of credibility to what we all do.

    We’ll continue to embrace you and we hope that you’ll embrace us. People will come to to hear from the IZOD IndyCar Series, and they’ll go to your site to hear about the IZOD IndyCar Series.

    Here is a crazy idea, why don’t you guest post every once and a while to help drive people to “Is it May yet?”

    Thanks for the support.

    If anyone missed his blog post you can find it here:

  6. Dylan Says:

    Agreed with George and Meesh!

  7. Dylan Says:

    @Nickh360: While I get what your saying, Bill, the pressdog, and Jeff, from My Name Is IRL ARE definitly intelligent and independant, and in fact some of the best bloggers around. They are definitly worth reading.

  8. Catie Rinderknecht Says:

    After looking at the “official” blog, I found it to be
    a. boring,
    b. a collection of articles that are being packaged as a blog, and
    c. less insightful than those of the non-professional fans.

    Keep at it. I have a feeling it will eventually get ignored.

  9. pressdog Says:

    God bless the First Amendment. Blog and let blog, Will. The stuff on the IndyCar site is certainly not what you’ll find on my site, so I think we serve different audiences. I do feel bad for Lewendowski though, who already writes an estimated 29,392 words per day, before the blogging activities. As for our boy Roy, his indomitable talent will see him through.

  10. Kohl Says:

    Meesh and Dylan, you shouldn’t really complain. The only thing worse than not being listed is being listed, but being referred to, however indirectly, as a porn-selling convenience store owner. 🙂