A Star-Studded Indianapolis 500

It’s official.  This year, the Indianapolis 500 is going to feel those good vibrations and dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

First, Michael Andretti will be driving the two-seater on the parade laps with Marcus Mark of the Funky Bunch.  Yeah, he’s done other things since 1991, but I can’t really name anything else right now off the top of my head…well, other than Roller Girl.  He’s a superstar.

Also, they’ve gotten the last surviving joker (RIP Cesar Romero) to start the race.  That’s right, my boy Jack Nicholson will be in the house to drop the green flag and class the place up exponentially.  W, X, Y, and Z, oooh! Oooh!  OOOH!

Speaking of Jack, I sure as shi’ite feel like the Indian Chief at work this week.  Every time I walk past a drinking fountain, I’m tempted to pull it out of the wall and throw it through a window to escape.  Four more days!

4 Responses to “A Star-Studded Indianapolis 500”

  1. pressdog Says:

    Nice. Got your photoshop schwerve back, and just in time.

  2. Freshy Q Says:

    donatos or penn station?

  3. The Speedgeek Says:

    I want Jack to turn to the camera right before he drops the green and proclaim: “Gentlemen! Let’s broaden our minds! Lawrence?”

    I would personally pay $200 to see this happen.

  4. Lawrence Stoen Says:

    I figured Jack would say something like: “Green flag??!! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE GREEN FLAG!!!”