1-Day Forecast for the 94th Running of the Indianapolis 500

Ok, so I’m writing this from my iPhone because I decided not to lug my laptop home for the abbreviated weekend. I apologize in advance for any issues with formatting, spelling, grammar, etc.
Ugh. This stupid thing lost the post I just wrote up, so I’ll quickly summarize:
– hot. Air temperature around 90, but it will feel a whole lot hotter in the stands, especially with the fat, hairy, sweaty guy radiating right in front of you.
– humid. Relative humidity near 60%. The fat, hairy, sweaty guy may also affect this.
– calm. Very little wind, maybe a 5 mph breeze.
– rain. A 20% chance, and I wouldn’t expect much more than a brief rain delay if it does hit. It would be a quick, and potentially heavy, shower. With the heat, though, I’d expect it to dry up fairly quickly and wouldn’t worry too much about weepers.
Ok, I’ll update if I think anything different, but right now, I’m pretty confident in seeing 500 miles.

2 Responses to “1-Day Forecast for the 94th Running of the Indianapolis 500”

  1. Brian Says:

    Sounds like a typical forecast for the 500. Just enough chance of precip to make us keep one eye on the sky while cursing the 1:00 start time.

  2. Gary Says:

    Nothing worse then huddled with the masses in what little dry places you can find during a race day rain storm.