Frowny Emoticon

For a group of us, the biggest news of the day has nothing to do with engine specifications. 

I’ve only been at this blogging game for about three years. Coming in, I knew of three people who had been doing this thing before me.  Two of those were a college kid from the northeast and a freelance corn-dude (oh, and maybe everyone’s favorite source of sunshine,. She’d be #4 and I know she’d been working less-bloggy things longer).  The third person on the then existing and active stage, was Jeff from My Name is IRL.  By giving me a few links and using a few of my pictures every now and then, Jeff did as much to build this site as anyone.

You see, in my mind, there is a top tier of IndyCar sites that I care about…sites that are just pure sources of uniquity and brilliance.  Sites that are just flat-out better than mine.   Jeff’s has always been one of those.  Today, the IndyCar-centric blogosphere got a whole hell of a lot weaker.

I just wanted to write this to give an outward thanks to Jeff for his kindness.  I never got to meet him, but I still hope to one day.  As bloggers, we get treated far better than we should by track and league officials, and we owe him a ton for that.

God, I feel like the annoying kid from Shane.

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