Come On, Drivers, You’re Better than That…

If you follow the IndyCar Series as closely as some, you know that there is a bunch whining and finger-pointing going on in the twittersphere.  I won’t go into too much detail here, as Dale Nixon has done a far better job than I care to do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t express my distaste for it!

First, Tomas Scheckter and Alex Tagliani are not happy with each other.  Tomas is channeling the power of karma down upon Tags, and Tags is calling Tomas a girl, which is funny because they both finished behind two of the three girls.  In the end, though, both are having a bitchfest on internet, and what does that make them? 


Then Ryan Briscoe and wife Nicole Manske-Briscoe started up with Graham Rahal over twitter. It was all wah wah wah and I didn’t do nothing you did nothing and blahblahblah.  If you’ve been following this site, you pretty much know that the Son of ‘Stache gets preferential treatment around here sometimes.  Well, not today, Ryan, Nicole, and Graham, you were whining and arguing on the internet, and do you know what that makes you?


Seriously…When the American settlers were ticked off about shipping taxes overseas to the king, did they go and bicker on the internet?  NO.  They threw a bunch of tea in the Boston Harbor!

When Michael Spinks called Mike Tyson a sissy, did Tyson go and cry in 140 characters or less?  NO.  He knocked him the eff out in less than 140 seconds.

When AJ Foyt had his mother insulted by a lion, did he pull out his smartphone?  NO.  He proceeded to kill the lion with his bare hands, eat its flesh, and fire his grandson.

So come on, drivers.  You’re better than this.  Solve things like proper human beings, preferably with steel folding chairs in post race interviews, or at least Sam Hornish’s dad.

8 Responses to “Come On, Drivers, You’re Better than That…”

  1. Doug Says:

    Brilliant!!! And, of course, dead on the money. Nicely done.

  2. Christopher Leone Says:

    Someday I’m going to go through all of the posts on Indy blogs referencing the legend of A.J. Foyt and compile them into a lavishly illustrated picture book.

    The tale contained in this post will be one of the better illustrations.

  3. H.B. Donnelly Says:

    So spot-on, sir. Rumor has it AJ Foyt tweeted to Helio after Helio’s comments about Vitor’s braking points; instead of containing words, the tweet caused AJ’s fist to come out of Helio’s phone and knock him out.

  4. Stone Says:

    I am fine with drivers pissing at each other. I would rather they discuss the issue face to face instead of tweeting. Tweeting it seems a little flaccid if you ask me.

    The only thing worse if your significant other/family member getting involved. That is amazingly lame.

    Here is an example of you drivers to follow. A contractor at my house did something I didn’t appreciate. We loudly voiced our displeasure with each other and the end result was I was left with a mess and he is not allow back to my house without the cops being involved. The wife was quietly supportive but didn’t feel the need to get into the fray as this was a fight between me and the contractor. Done, problem handled like an adult not like a twit(ter).

  5. redd carr Says:

    “both finished behind two of the three girls” made me laugh aloud, dude.

  6. Oben Says:

    Tomas called Tags a girl, not visa versa.

    One reason why they bitch on twitter is because people who would otherwise tell them to shut up don’t feel like they have any control over that personal space. Ergo: no twitter, nothing interesting at all.

    Thank God nobody ever does what you think they should!

  7. Steve Says:


  8. Splash N Go Says:

    takes one to know one