Rumors of my death have been modestly exaggerated

Since the last time I spoke with you, quite a bit has happened.  Lord Randall has made all right with the world.  Versus has poached the great blogging talents like it’s Roger Penske in an Andretti Store (namely Hobbson and the resurrected Jeff’s Name Ain’t IRL).  Robin Miller is the happiest man in the world.  The National Guard car will be driven by an ‘murican to the delight of the anti-redcoat lobby (but not me). Chevrolet will be back thanks to the $600 they just shafted me for brakes.  Lotus will also be back, but they have not shafted me recently.  Graham is going to be full-time next season with a pseudo-Ganassi team run by Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

In other words, all is well.

(As for me, life is busy…and good…but also busy)

7 Responses to “Rumors of my death have been modestly exaggerated”

  1. Pat W Says:

    I love this picture.

  2. Oilpressure Says:

    Welcome back. Where have you been?!?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Atta boy, Will. By the way, who won the Pool o’ Doom?

  4. The Speedgeek Says:

    Oh, the above comment was by me. I suk at Interwebs.

  5. DZ Says:

    I think you are really Terry Gilliam and not who you say you are. #fakeDrWillIndeed #IDigYerPhotoshopStyleTooMan

  6. Brian Says:

    {tap tap tap} Is this thing on?

  7. Change Rules F1 Says:

    The photo looks strangely like a Dali piece. Or just maybe Teletubbies. One thing’s for sure, it isn’t REALLY a disgrace to the subject of racing.