Thank you, Will Power

Thank you, Will Power.  Thank you. You inspired me out of retirement (temporarily).

19 Responses to “Thank you, Will Power”

  1. metrta Says:

    Need to add in the crowd reaction audio too!

  2. melissa Says:

    LOVE it!!

  3. redcar Says:

    I seldom laugh aloud. That time I did.

    I also checked your site earlier today hoping–against all odds–for a Loudon weather report. Ah–the good ol’ days.

  4. It's Just Me Says:

    Take that “planking” meme!

  5. The Speedgeek Says:

    Oh, my dear lord. Welcome back, Will.

  6. Steve Says:

    Bloody brilliant, Will. Welcome back!

  7. susanrae Says:

    The one with the kiss is the best. Excellent!

  8. giu Says:

    gttngs from Brazil

  9. ThatGuy Says:

    Will Power for IMS President.

  10. Doug Says:

    LOL!!!! Brilliant! You’ve been seriously missed, Will. Welcome back!

  11. Ron Ford Says:

    OMG! This is some serious comedy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I have to go wipe up some beer.

  12. RaeAnn Says:

    Hilarious! These gave me a great laugh. More,please.

  13. Tom G. Says:

    It’s day’s like these where I dearly miss the Pagoda. Thanks for the laughs. I have to mop coffee off of my keyboard now.

  14. pressdog Says:


  15. Richard Says:

    [standing ovation]

  16. Sue B Honey Says:

    Not all Aussies happy about Marcus Ambrose’s win …

  17. Jotham Says:

    A racer that finishes up front and doesn’t sound like a cocacola commercial. I love Will Power!

  18. Klaus Says:

    Will Power at his best hope Dario will do it (c) Pressdog BEER SPEW!!!!

  19. MadManRacing Says:

    Winter just brightened up. Thanks for the laugh out loud moment.