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Attending Indy since 1988, this is my take on the current going-ons of the IndyCar Series. I go by Will. I’m working on my doctorate. What I hope to add to the world of blogs is my insights on the world of American Open Wheel Racing.

Basically, I’m obsessed with Open Wheel racing of all sorts. I wake up at 6 AM for Formula 1 races. I watch all of the ChampCar races, and I enjoy their product. My first and foremost love, however, is and has always been IndyCars.

This website was spawned with my work-life degrading to a stand still upon the February 2007 merger rumors. While the outcome is unknown, I’ve always been a proponent of unification. I was completely against Tony George’s initial idea to take Indy away from what was then CART. The joy of the Indianapolis 500, however, has always kept me with the product. While the drivers have gotten much criticism in the early years of the IRL, I actually enjoyed the product. Once it had matured a bit, I found the product quite captivating. The maturation of the IRL corresponded to the complete fall of CART. When the great exodus occurred, many felt that CART was done. There was certainly a part of me that was saddened by that. As a fan of all open wheel racing, I enjoyed having, essentially, twice the product here in the states.

Then a judge ordered the assets of CART to Kevin Kalkhoven, Gerry Forsythe, and Paul Gentilozzi, and the Champ Car World Series was born. While I had continued to have product, a part of me was certainly saddened that there was not one series in this country. ChampCar continued with the old, reliable Lola. The car, though reliable, grew old, and it was not necessarily conducive to the number of street courses consuming the Champ Car schedule. In 2007, they introduced the DP01 chassis. It’s safety record was nearly immediately called into question (some would say unfairly) with Paul Tracy’s back injury. The car was built with a faulty fueling mechanism, which was a bit of an embarrassment. These two things said, it was a very sharp-looking car, certainly better looking than the modern Dallara. Similarly, and most importantly, I do say it increased the quality of racing in Champ Car, by then a road/street course only series.

I could go on and on, but what I want to illustrate is that I’m not an opponent of the Champ Car product. I do, however, prefer the IndyCar Series, the top tier of the Indy Racing League. If I come across as biased, I may be. That said, I’m not filled with the venom that can be seen across the internet from both sides.

Finally, a bit about myself. I’m currently a graduate student, working on my Ph. D. in Atmospheric Science a real person now. I’ve got a Ph. D. and Masters of Science in Atmospheric Science and a Bachelors in Meteorology. Hopefully, this will not only act as a blog about the ICS. I hope to give some insight into the weather of upcoming events. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it simple enough for readers to understand, while scientific enough for the reader to learn something.